Training Gym at Independent Training Spot

If you are looking to improve your cardiovascular efficiency in New York, NY, to blast off unwanted inches, turn your metabolism into a fat melting machine, and inspire yourself to get fit and healthy, come try our independent training gym. Many of our personal training programs are perfect for individuals who don’t know where to start, or lack motivation when it comes to weight management.

After a tough session, you may want to indulge in our massage therapy to cool down and help ease away the aches and pains. Massage is a great part of sports medicine!

Independent Training Spot in New York, NY offers a community that those wanting to improve their health and physical appearance can belong to.


  • Gym attire must be worn (including, but not limited to: no open toed shoes or boots)
  • No food is allowed on the fitness floor.
  • No mobile phone use on the fitness floor. However, if you program, track treatment and keep SOAP notes from your phone, do it!
  • Clients may use rollers and other self-administered release utensils, but they are not allowed to lift weights, do cardio, or use other equipment without their therapist.


Independent Training Spot is above several retail stores, so for their sanity, our lease agreement, and consideration to other clients, trainers, and therapists in the space, dropping weights is not allowed. Weight dropping is, however, considered a form of safety, and weights dropping onto the floor are preferred to weights dropping on you or your client. All large drops (discretionary) will require a report to Independent Training Spot.

Not all policies are written. Please be respectful to Independent Training Spot, to other professionals, and to other clients. If one of the Independent Training Spot employees has need to address noise or “space and equipment hording” issues, we apologize in advance.


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